Do I have to cite after every sentence when paraphrasing a.

How do I cite a full paragraph that is a paraphrase from.

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If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

How to Cite a Whole Paragraph From the Same Source in APA.

Here is a useful tip: If your whole paragraph is summarised or paraphrased from one source, you put the reference after the closing full stop. (In the unusual situation of only the last sentence of.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

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If the paraphrase continues into a new paragraph, reintroduce the citation. If the paraphrase incorporates multiple sources or switches among sources, repeat the citation so the source is clear. Read your sentences carefully to ensure you have cited sources appropriately.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

How to Paraphrase a Paragraph: 9 Steps (with Pictures.

Summarising occurs when you provide an overview of a topic or give an overview of the author’s key ideas as a whole. A summary is usually way shorter than the original piece of writing and it might state the ideas of a paragraph in one simple sentence. Avoiding Plagiarism using Paraphrasing Tool.


The sample paragraph below is an example of what not to do when citing one source multiple times throughout one paragraph. The paragraph features a fictional author, Townsend, who published a fictional case study about cats. In the below paragraph, the ideas in each sentence are paraphrased and so require parenthetical citations.

How to Effectively Paraphrase in a Research Paper - Enago.

If you cite a paragraph verbatim from another source, put it in quotation marks or in a quotation block and add one reference to the source at the end. If you have a whole paragraph referring to one source but don't actually quote it, it gets a little bit more tricky.

APA Style 6th Edition Blog: Citing Paraphrased Work in APA.

If you just put one in-text cite at the end of the paragraph, it might not be clear where the ideas at the beginning of the paragraph came from. Therefore, you should include credit to the authors whenever you are quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing facts and ideas from their work. This also helps differentiate your own ideas from those in your references. The best way to solve this problem.

APA How-To: Cite A Single Source Throughout A Single Paragraph.

Paraphrase: .the support provided is, on the whole, inadequate. Sutherland-Smith expands further to explain that this inadequacy is partly because the advice provided is not specific enough for each student, and partly because distance students will often receive even less support. She concludes that these issues carry implications for the decisions around plagiarism management, as some.


To paraphrase means to restate someone else’s ideas in your own language at roughly the same level of detail. To summarize means to reduce the most essential points of someone else’s work into a shorter form. Along with quotation, paraphrase and summary provide the main tools for integrating your sources into your papers. When choosing which to use, consider first your discipline and the.

When writing an entire paragraph about a single study, introduce that paragraph by stating that you will refer to the same study throughout the paragraph, then cite the reference. This avoids awkwardness and redundancy. And as to indenting, this is what it says: If the quotation has more than 40 words, use a block quotation. Begin the quotation on a new line and indent a half-inch from the.


Use only one sentence or two in your paraphrase to capture this main idea—even if the original is an entire paragraph. Original Source Text The journal primarily considers empirical and theoretical investigations that enhance understanding of cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral psychological phenomena in work and organizational settings, broadly defined.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

Apa when writing a whole paragraph from an article.

If your task is not to do a literal or formal paraphrase, there is no need to paraphrase the whole section; rather, pick and outline the material that is helpful to get a basic idea. Still, it is not necessary to cut a source text with paraphrase. Moreover, sometimes paraphrase turns out even slightly longer than the original text, depending on words the author uses. 2. Change the word choice.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

If I am paraphrasing an entire paragraph from one source.

Paraphrasing can be tricky. You need to make sure that you don't copy the original author's style or wording. Even if you have a citation, such borrowing would be considered plagiarism. Paraphrases should sound like you, using vocabulary and sentence structures that your reader would recognize as your work. To make sure you are not plagiarizing unintentionally, think about and jot down the.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

HarvardMFCO103: Harvard Style Citing and Referencing.

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If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

Can I use one citation at the end of a multiple sentence.

When paraphrasing a whole paragraph, we have to focus more on the overall mess. San Francisco State University. Home. Blog. Homework Assignments. More.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

How to add citation for a whole paragraph? - Academia.

You might paraphrase a section from a source (unlike summary, it is unlikely that you will ever need to paraphrase an entire source) when an idea or point in that source is important to an assignment you are working on and you feel it needs to be included, but you can rephrase it in a way that fits your work without losing any key information. Use paraphrase instead of direct quote unless you.

If The Whole Paragraph Is Paraphrased

Do I have to cite after ever sentence when paraphrasing.

FEEDBACK: Although some of the terms from the original paragraph have been retained in the rewritten version, the current paraphrased version has been sufficiently modified from the original and is, therefore, classified as having been correctly paraphrased.

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